Alexa Grace Gets Mug Fucked


Alexa Grace


Alluring blonde Alexa Grace dances erotically for the camera. She is wearing a very provocative peach bra and panties. She sexily waves her body back and forth as she becomes one with the music. She boasts her perky tits and a bubble butt to the camera. This naughty girl wants cock and the only way to get it is to act all pretty and sexy. Alexa slowly approaches the cock that has been patiently waiting for her. She does not want to waste a single minute so she quickly sucks the dick offered to her. Alexa uses her tiny mouth as a pseudo-pussy. She worships the cock like a true deity. She licks the long shaft and sucks the balls. All she wanted to do is to be mug fucked so hard until her mouth becomes numb. Anyone who sees Alexa right now will be completely surprised. She is often mistaken as a quiet angel due to her innocent face. However, behind her guiltless smile lurks a hidden whore that knows nothing but please cocks. The man grabs her by the head and shoves his cock deeper into her throat. Alexa can feel his dick slide to the depths of her mouth. She gags a little as the tip of his penis touches the back of her throat. Her pretty cheeks puff cutely as she devours the whole cock. The guy slaps her cheeks a few times as he pushes his dick into her mouth. The guy stands up to fuck this slutty mouth easier. He removes her bra to reveal her perky tits. He stirs up her mouth using his dick. Alexa continues blowing his huge cock until the guy feels like he is about to cum. He pulls out his dick from her tiny mouth then unloads his cum all over her face. Alexa takes a mugshot with warm cum slowly dripping from her beautiful face.


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