Britney Amber Gets Mugfucked


Britney Amber, Logan Pierce


It’s getting pretty common for some sluts to welcome break ins with their bombshell bodies and lusty personalities— or at least in porn. If there’s a high chance for sluts to welcome robbers into their house with deep throats and titty fucks, I would do some moonlighting to do one and I’ll sleep when I’m dead. Well, that’s me. How about you? Why am I asking this? Britney Amber is one of a kind of a homeowner. Like we stated above, she does this and did everything listed too. She even had some strip tease show going on to make everyone in the mood. But once she had her clothes off and revealing her nice tits and great ass, show time begins. She kneels down before the intruder’s glorious boner and starts sucking on it like her life depended on it. She licks and sucks the intruder’s fat cock until she was out of breath. The slurping noises clouds the room but the thing is, the deeper she goes, the more noises are added in the room. When it reached her throat, gagging noises echoes the room, which is nice and flattering for the intruder. But Britney is not a one trick pony. She has her tits out and starts using it for some good ol’ titty fucking. She wets it out and starts shoving it in between her plump tits repeatedly with an alternating trick of sucking it again. Britney does it with so much passion that the guy needed to hold her down by grabbing her head by the hair. This cycle goes on with some intense, lusty eye contact and occasional dirty talks. In the end, Britney gets rewarded properly with a large helping of cum in her mouth. Britney plays the cum in her mouth while putting the card up with her name on it.


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