Chanel Preston Gets Mug Fucked


Chanel Preston


There’s a rumor in the neighborhood of Chanel Preston that a mugger is roaming the streets and breaks in houses. Being an optimistic, big-boobed slut she knew how she can make this fear turn into excitement. She’s that optimistic… or she’s really just so horny at the moment. We’re not sure. By a little prediction, Chanel knows that her house is next to be mugged. So as a ‘preventive’ measure, she puts on her sexiest lingerie and waits for the mugger to intrude her house. As she waits, she plays with her big tits and shaved pussy on the couch. Chanel went at it deep and for a good few minutes. Eventually, her prediction comes true. The big dicked mugger enters the house and sees her having some moment on the couch. Chanel welcomed the mugger and made him sit the fuck down on the chair. She then starts giving that fat dick some proper welcoming into her household and into her mouth. Chanel starts licking and sucking that fat dick into submission. The intruder just sit there powerless as Chanel sucks his reason out of his dick. Chanel kept up her eye contact and dirty looks to keep the man pinned down. With her two hands and her mouth, she made the intruder moan uncontrollably. But this mugger wants more. He grabs her head and uses her mouth as his temporary fuck hole with a side of titty fuck for quite a while. He’s mug fucking doesn’t end there. He makes Chanel sit on the couch upside down and starts fucking that same mouth until he was satisfied. When he was about to be done, he makes Chanel drop down on her knees and abused her mouth until his dick was ready to spew out some warm, milky gratitude to Chanel. When he did, he even made sure to cover her face with it.


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