Cherie Deville Gets Mug Fucked


If I ever rob a house out of desperation and pure determination to get some good stuff, I want some MILF in lingerie seducing me into shoving my throbbing manhood and repeatedly poke the back of her throat. I’d even reconsider stopping the robbing altogether and just leave with just that. You might be asking, “what motivated this lust-fueled delusion?”. The answer is this video. Cherie Deville, a MILF with a body that can be describe with a word sounding like her last name. It’s so tempting that it will waver your good or bad intentions and just do anything to ravage that MILF’s body at the moment. Speaking of which, the robber, getting some close up action, comes in Cherie’s house and saw her there like she’s been expecting someone to break in. After teasing the robber by slowly revealing her nice bits to the man, she plays with herself for a little while. It was enough to make the criminal as hard as diamonds. But it didn’t stop there. Cherie comes over and starts servicing his fat dick using her mouth. She started with light licking in the head and go down to his nuts. Eventually, she inserts every bit of that dick in her mouth, making her gag a few times. This motivated the robber to grab her head and repeatedly stroke his cock using the insides of her dirty mouth. Cherie now asks the man to lie down. She got other plans in mind. After wetting the fat dick nicely, Cherie uses her butt cheeks to stroke his dick. She went at it for a while. Afterwards she lie down and gets the dick from above. It was long enough for him to cum. When he it was time to do so, he made Cherie kneel down and work for it.


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