Ella Nova Gets Mug Fucked


Ella Nova, Logan Pierce


Imagine robbing a house and a fuckin’ slut waiting for you in her sexiest lingerie. Must be nice, right? To give you a better perspective on this matter, we get to give you a reenactment in POV with the devilishly beautiful Ella Nova. With her seducing the living shit out of you, resistance is futile. So, you enter and she’s there standing, looking at you like she’s been expecting you. This slut in red lingerie starts seducing you with her sexy eye contact and strip teasing. You just stand there, watch her creep closer to your fat dick. When she does reach you, she leans you back and she starts working your cock with her warm and wet mouth. Ella starts licking your manhood from up to downward and eventually taking the whole thing into her mouth. Ella gets grabbed in the hair to get it out of the way while Ella tries her best envelop the whole dick with her spit. At some point, Ella gets to be slapped by your dick as your way of being cute. And it fuckin’ worked. She giggles while her face gets bitch slapped by your meat rod. After the playful exchange, Ella goes back on keeping that cock feel good and needed. She goes deeper on blowing that dick. So deep that besides her constant slurping sounds, some gagging noises gets heard in between. The dick goes so far in its adventure that it seems like a fuckin hobbit with a ring travelling to Mordor. Well, yeah. We haven’t seen the movies. We don’t know what we’re talking about. But do you know what we’re sure about? Ella gets deepthroat constantly in this scene with an occasional slapping using the fat dick. When it’s about time to finish this exchange, Ella kneels down before the glorious boner and gets showered with cum.


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