Kimber Woods Gets Mug Fucked


Kimber Woods


Kimber Woods is now subject for some fucking by a mugger. She awaits the criminal in her living room. While she does that, she sits on the couch and plays with herself for a bit. Her wet and nice pussy goes out for some teasing. After a while, the mugger enters the scene. Of course, he’s already naked and his fat dick standing high. Kimber says hello to that dick by light licking and sucking its head. But the mugger is not up for some weak ass blowjob. So he grabs her by the hair and starts fucking that hole she calls a mouth. Gagging and slurping noises clouds the room as he tries to repeatedly inserting his fat dick into this slut’s mouth. This left Kimber like she’s out of breath. Even with this, this didn’t stop her from making herself come with just sucking this mugger’s big cock. She smiled occasionally as this dick still tries to reach the back of her throat. The guy thought that it is not enough. So he grabs her head and starts pounding with all he had. This made her mouth sloppy and overflowing with residual spit from all that force entry of the dick. He continued doing this until he was ready to bless this slut a huge load of cum. The mugger then jacks himself off until he covered Kimber’s face with a nice amount of cum. Kimber smiles as the man does this shower into her face. She even looked like she was expecting it to be a shower of it. At the end, she puts up a card that has her name on it like she’s certifying her skills and having her name to be remembered anywhere. She then has a close up on her face as the mixed spit and cum overflows and drips from her mouth as she giggle and smile.


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