Kleio Valentein Gets Mug Fucked


Kleio Valentien


This tattooed chick is up for some hard fucking and some more. To make things even better, they got it in POV. So aside from her sweet smile, you might want to see how this smile turn to pleasurable moaning in matter of minutes. Kleio Valentin starts with a light teasing for her tits and pussy. The man behind the camera now lies down and let her service his fat dick. Being a bit on the petite side, Kleio gags occasionally from all that length trying to go all the way into her mouth. But that didn’t deter Kleio to continue this juicy blowjob. In fact, she maintained her seductive eye contact while slurping on that dick. After a while, the man is now determined to reach his climax using her mouth. He full on used that mouth as a fuck hole as he moved in and out relentlessly without a rest. His thighs keep her on place so that said fuckhole don’t go anywhere. But he is not a completely heartless man. He stopped that rough fucking her mouth after a while. He lets Kleio have some again without him pumping like a madman. Eventually, he stands up and continued what he did before. He is near is end. He grabs Kleio by her hair and fucked her mouth until he was ready. When that time came, he blew his load all over this tattooed chick’s face. It must what she really wanted since she smiles as she received that few loads from above. That moneyshot seems to be really great since he left Kleio smiling while some creamy substance covers her face. At the end, Kleio puts up a sign with her name on it to let people know who she is and what her capabilities are. The cum on her face can vouch for it.


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