Valentina Nappi Gets Mug Fucked


News Flash: a MONSTER dicked individual is currently on the loose. Please don’t have your doors locked and windows secured. Says the local news program. Valentina Nappi, apparently, didn’t get the memo and didn’t had her house secured… or did she? Valentina stays in her house but had her most sexy and daring lingerie on as if she’s expecting someone. Well, she actually did. After having some strip tease with her nice tits and ass, the criminally large dicked Prince Yahshua enters the scene with his guns out. He did not waste any second at all. He dragged Valentina to his dick’s eye level and had her lick and suck every inch of it. Valentina got what she wanted. Prince gave some tough fucking but he did it with passion. To further press on this, he actually stroked her hair while she choked on his fat dick. Well, yes, that happened, but actually, no. Prince is holding her down by grabbing her hair. Valentina tries her best not to gag but it seems that it’s not possible. Prince now lies down and to give this cock-hungry bitch some new angle for her to work with. With this, his nuts were able to be serviced by Valentina. While she sucked on his nuts, she continued stroking the lengthy dick with her two hands because apparently, that what it takes to grab his dick properly. Prince stands up again. Valentina kneels down before his dick and continued servicing it. At this point, Prince already made a proper fuckhole out of her mouth. Prince gets a little rougher by the minute. This is actually the sign that he’s near on climaxing. When he was done, he delivered his hot sauce into her mouth, which Valentina swallowed with no regrets. Naturally, she cleaned his dick properly after the exchange.


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